Timberline Lodge Wy'East Café and Wy Bar Renovation

The new Wy’East Cafe, located across from the historic lodge, in the Wy’East Day Lodge. Having faced challenges with the food program in the Day Lodge since its construction in 1980, Timberline’s management recently decided on a complete remodel. The project involved new food service equipment and finishes throughout.  One unique item was the “print on wood” detail utilizing professional photographs from Boone Speed a Portland Local. Phase 2 completed before the next season was the Wy’bar renovation.  An amazing automatic bi-folding glass door to the outside was installed to create and indoor outdoor feel at the push of a button.

  Location: Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

 Square Footage: 8,500

​  Client: Timberline

​  Architect:  Skylab Architecture