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For over 72 years, Lorentz Bruun Construction has specialized in project management techniques that oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from beginning to end. We believe in making sure we can control a project’s time, cost and quality and we have delivered quality, leadership, responsiveness, and customer service with every commercial construction project. We hold a philosophy of integrity, responsibility, and quality. To deliver on these values, we rely on our wealth of experience. Our commercial construction management team combines years of construction experience and knowledge. Our portfolio includes a wide range of buildings, including multi-family, mixed-use, warehouses, distribution centers, office buildings, industrial, construction defecit, call centers, flex tech buildings and retail stores.

Our approach is simple - "Get Involved Early."   We strive to develop and maintain personal relationships with our clients because experience has shown that mutual trust, respect and understanding allow projects to run smoother and allows us to continually add value to the project team.